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Emalee. 21. SUNY Fredonia.

#DontFeedThePlants #Audrey2 (at Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens)


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Buffalo Reading Invasion - Wilkeson Pointe
The first Buffalo Reading Invasion of 2014 was attended by over 300 people along Bidwell Parkway. The June gathering prompted a second successful invasion at the Black Rock Heritage Garden in July. If you haven’t had a chance to participate in a reading invasion yet this Sunday is your chance at one of the best locations yet - Wilkeson Pointe at the Outer Harbor. Bring a book and some friends and come celebrate the gift of reading.

And if you want, take a boat ride on the Queen City Ferry to get you there! We start running at noon and it’s only $8 for an hour boat ride altogether! Call 716-796-4556 for more info!

I officially have a boyfriend and I’m really really happy.